Sell Rental Property in Portland, OR

Need to get rid of a rental property? Sell it as-is for top dollar.


If you’re sitting on a rental property that’s weighing you down or needs major repairs, don’t waste your time and money getting it ready for market. Sell your Portland rental property to Columbia Redevelopment and get cash in hand to put toward a new property, other investment, or your future.

The quickest way to sell a rental property is to sell the property for cash.

When Should You Sell a Rental Property?

There are a variety of scenarios that can inspire you to sell a rental home: 

  • You need the capital
  • The home value has appreciated
  • You’ve found a better investment opportunity
  • You inherited the rental property and don’t want it
  • You’re done with real estate investing
  • You can’t find new renters
  • The property isn’t making you money

There’s no wrong reason or time to sell a rental property for cash. We work with property owners in every situation and will make you a competitive offer!

Sell Your Rental Property without Paying Capital Gains?

When selling a rental property, you’ll typically have to pay capital gains tax on the profit. If you’re planning on reinvesting in another property, you can use the “Section 1031 exchange,” to avoid the tax!

How does it work? Sell your rental property and exchange the proceeds of your property sale into the purchase of another investment property. Talk to your tax advisor or attorney to learn more!

“I have known Greg and Laura for many years, they are hard working home buyers and have a very strong focus on quality.”

Bryant Hanson

The fastest way to sell your property for cash

At Columbia Redevelopment, we buy rentals for cash throughout the Portland area. Does your property need a new roof? Interior repairs? Electrical upgrades? No problem. We buy homes in any condition. 

We’ll make you an offer that will allow you to invest in a new opportunity or move on with your life.

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“Greg & Laura’s work is absolutely breathtaking!! They put their heart and soul into their business and it really shows.”

Bella Richardson

Need to get rid of a rental property? Sell it to us, fast.

We buy properties in any condition. As-is. All-cash. No fees.

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