Sell Your House Fast During a Divorce

Divvying up assets? Sell quickly & move on with your life.

Going through a divorce is complicated. If you want to keep the process simple, consider selling your house for cash to Columbia Redevelopment. 

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Keep or Sell During a Divorce?

    The first question you need to answer is “do you really need to sell the house?” A few considerations to make:

    • Is the split amicable? If not, deciding who lives in the home will likely be a long legal battle.
    • Children. How will selling and moving affect your kids?
    • Finances. Can one partner reasonably afford mortgage payments on their own?

    When to Sell During a Divorce

    Splitting up non-cash assets during divorce proceedings in Oregon can be complicated. Many families find it easier to sell their home before the divorce process begins. Why?

    • Cash can easily be divided equally or offset other assets in a clear way
    • Save money (you won’t need to pay a lawyer to mediate splitting up community property)
    • Ability to write off $500k from taxes instead of $250k, which is the maximum write off for a single adult

    Sell Your Home Today

    Particularly when selling your home during a divorce, a speedy selling process is highly valued. With Columbia Redevelopment, you get just that. 

    We have years of experience in the Portland area buying homes for cash from couples who are divorcing. 

    We help make divorce proceedings easier on you and your family. Contact us to get started or call (503) 200-8730.

    Benefits of Selling for Cash During a Divorce

    Immediate Cash & Equality

    Not only will you get a fast offer, it will be 100% in cash. This makes navigating equitable division of property much easier. Plus, you won’t have to go back and forth with multiple potential buyers, working with your partner to find the exact right offer.

    No Remodeling or Cleaning

    We’re happy to buy your home as is. You and your former partner don’t have to spend time figuring out how to fix and finance home improvements before you can put the house on the market.

    No Commissions & Fees

    No real estate agent or broker any fees. Additionally, you might not need a lawyer to decide how to divvy up the value of your home in an equitable division mediation. This leaves more money for both of you once the divorce has been finalized.

    What to expect 

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    Step 1

    Start with a phone call and tell us about your situation.

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    Step 2

    We’ll visit your property and take a look around. Virtual tours are also accepted!

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    Step 3

    We’ll give you our best cash offer within 24 hours for you to consider.

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    Step 4

    Receive a $10,000 earnest money deposit & choose your closing date.


    Greg & Laura’s work is absolutely breathtaking!! They put their heart and soul into their business and it really shows.

    – Bella Richardson


    I’ve had the privilege to work with Greg and Laura on their projects as an electrical contractor. They don’t take any shortcuts and demand quality workmanship and materials in their homes.

    — Paul Nelson

    Thinking about selling your home?

    We buy houses in any condition. As-is. All-cash. No fees.


    Call or text us at (503) 200-8730 or contact us online.