Late on Mortgage Payments?

Act now or risk foreclosure — sell your house for cash!

If you’re late on mortgage payments (or at serious risk of falling behind on payments), and your lender hasn’t foreclosed on your house yet, you need to make a plan — and fast.

The quickest way to get out of hot water and avoid the life-changing effects of a foreclosure on your record is to sell your house for cash.

What happens when you’re late on your mortgage payment in Portland?

Once you’re more than 120 days late on mortgage payments, your lender has the legal ability to reclaim your home and sell it to recoup its money — a process known as foreclosure.

You’ll lose your home, your investment, and have a foreclosure on your record.

Can you sell a home if you’re behind on your mortgage?

It depends. Is the fair market value of your home greater than what you owe on your mortgage?

YES — You can sell your house and use the proceeds to pay back your lender.

NO — Ask your bank to agree to a short sale to avoid foreclosure.

Remember: You have 120 days since your last payment due date before the bank will officially start the foreclosure process. 

If there’s no way to make the payments or negotiate a solution with your lender, you need to sell your home quickly to avoid the bank taking control of your investment (and your future).

The fastest way to sell your home for cash

At Columbia Redevelopment, we buy homes for cash no matter how far behind you are on your mortgage. We’ve worked with many homeowners in Portland who are late on mortgage payments. 

We’ll make you an offer that will allow you to pay your mortgage off in full, including all past due payments and penalties.

Sell to Columbia Redevelopment and avoid…

  • 150+ point hit to your credit score
  • Difficulty getting a mortgage in the future
  • Day-to-day repercussions, like inability to buy a car or get a cellphone plan
  • Piling up debt that will take years to overcome

Our local team is committed to helping Portland homeowners pay their mortgage off in full and move on with their life.

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Late on your mortgage payments? Sell your house, fast.

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