Foster-Powell is an exciting place to be. Entrepreneurs are flocking in, the food scene is thriving, and the neighborhood is quickly becoming more bike- and pedestrian-friendly. Despite its spike in popularity, though, there’s something wonderfully authentic and very “Portland” about Foster-Powell.

If you want to get ahead of the “move to Portland” crowd and settle down in one of the Rose City’s most up-and-coming neighborhoods, you can’t do much better than “FoPo”.

Today we’ll look at 17 awesome places and activities you won’t want to miss, as well as a few of the reasons why people love living in this rising SE Portland neighborhood!

Where Is Foster-Powell?

Foster-Powell is just south of the Mount Tabor neighborhood.

Foster-Powell is farther east than neighborhoods like Brooklyn, Sellwood, or Creston-Kenilworth. Because it’s a little farther from the City Center, the Portland real estate market boom is just beginning to find its way to the SE Portland neighborhood, which means you’ll find plenty of beautiful properties and recently renovated homes there.

You’ll also see food carts, dive bars, and many other thriving small businesses in the area.

If you’re ready to learn about all the fun things to do in Foster-Powell, read on!

Drink up! Foster-Powell Has a Lively Bar Scene…

Foster-Powell is well-known for the down-to-earth establishments its residents lovingly call “dive bars.” It’s also got a few slightly more upscale gems too. Whether you’re looking for a casual place to have a beer or a new favorite burger spot, here are 5 bars that people are raving about:

1. Barrio – wine, beer, food, and sangria

Barrio is a laid back wine and beer bar is located inside the Portland Mercado. They regularly rotate their beers on tap and offer wine by the glass as well as several Latin American inspired drinks like Sangria and Micheladas.

Barrio has a nice mix of indoor and outdoor seating where you can relax and enjoy some tasty grub from the food carts that are also in the Portland Mercado.

2. The Lion’s Eye Tavern – lunch, dinner, and drinks

This self-proclaimed dive bar is a favorite among Yelpers. If you’re looking for a pint of great local brew and a game of pool or pinball, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more chill Portland spot. They even have a jukebox! The outdoor seating is lovely, and happy hour is daily from 3pm-7pm.

It’s technically outside of Foster-Powell, but not by much.

3. Starday Tavern – a FoPo classic with live music

They refer to themselves as “the most OKest bar in Portland” and are home to Portland’s Best Bar Dog. Basically, Starday Tavern is about as home-grown Foster-Powell as you can get! People from all over Portland flock in on Fridays and Saturdays for live music. In addition to the many beers on tap, you can also check out this spot for trivia and open mic nights.

[street mural Bar Carlo Portland

Street Mural at Bar Carlo on SE Foster Rd


4. Bar Maven – organic and gluten free options

Bar Maven is a cheerful community-oriented bar and grill with a hip, urban feel. They pride themselves on their eco-friendly approach — they decorate with recycled material and opt for local foods, beers, and spirits when possible. Check out Bar Maven for unique cocktails and creative food with influences from Greece, Korea, and the Middle East. Plus, happy hour is all day on Sundays!

5. The Lodge Bar & Grill – a relaxed, rustic atmosphere

People love the great drink selection and awesome fire pit on the patio. It’s a nice place to enjoy a drink and relax with friends. If it’s entertainment you’re after, The Lodge Bar & Grill also has darts, pinball machines, a pool table, and a fire pit on the patio. They’re open late and have free wi-fi.

…and the Food is Amazing

Portland Mercado Foster Powell

Portland Mercado, Home to Barrio and Several Food Carts


You probably won’t find 3-hour brunch lines like you might in other parts of Portland, but the food scene in Foster-Powell is alive and well.

6. Pho Hung on 82nd – great pho in Foster-Powell

Many pho aficionados in Portland love this place! You get big portions, free tea, and lots of condiments on the table. They also make a mean Avocado shake!

Pho Hung 82nd Portland

Pho Hung on 82nd


7. Rose VL – Vietnamese-style soups and bahn mi

Another great Vietnamese option in Foster-Powell, Rose VL is critically acclaimed for its soups and banh mi. People also love the iced sweet coffee.

8. Carts on Foster – food cart pod on 52nd and Foster

A wide variety of food is available here, from barbecue to burgers to delicious vegan options. There’s plenty of outdoor and enclosed-tent seating where you can enjoy your meal.

There’s also another cluster of food carts at the Portland Mercado, featuring authentic Latin American cuisine!

9. Midpoint Food & Drink – American food, breakfast, coffee, and tea

This breakfast, brunch, and lunch spot is vegan and vegetarian-friendly. People on Yelp love the breakfast quesadilla and the Angry Bird sandwich.

10. Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels – NYC-style bagels, cream cheese, and coffee

They make their products fresh every day using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. There’s space to sit and eat inside or get your bagels to go.

Take Advantage of Foster-Powell’s Parks

[Kern Park Portland

Kern Park at the Corner of 66th and SE Center


Every great Portland neighborhood needs at least one park. Foster-Powell has several nearby, including 4 central ones:

11. Essex Park is a large 4+ acre park with plenty of amenities, including:

  • Play area
  • Baseball field, basketball court, and tennis court
  • Walking paths
  • Picnic tables

12. Kern Park is smaller (just under 2 acres) but still boasts a play area, walking paths, a basketball court, and a softball field.

13. Laurelwood Park is cute but scenic (less than 1 acre) and has some lovely unpaved walking paths.

14. Multnomah Park Cemetery is 9 acres of trees, paths, and historic monuments. You won’t find any basketball courts here, but it’s a beautiful place to walk, enjoy the outdoors, and even learn some Portland history.

median strip Foster-Powell

Median Strip in Foster-Powell


Get Your Workout at Mt. Scott Community Center

15. Mt. Scott Community Center

Okay, so this isn’t technically in the Foster-Powell neighborhood, but it’s a great community resource that’s only a few blocks south. The center’s most popular feature is its big indoor pool area, which includes both a lap pool and a whirlpool. Mt. Scott Community Center also houses several basketball courts and a fitness center with a weight room and other workout equipment.

Foster-Powell Residents Love Their Local Farmer’s Market

16. Woodstock Farmers Market

During warmer months from June through October, many Foster-Powell residents spend their Sunday mornings at the Woodstock Farmers Market in search of fresh local food, live music, and a fun community atmosphere.

Catch a Movie in a Reclining Armchair (no joke)

17. Century 16 Eastport

After all that exploring, you’ll probably be ready for a break! Century 16 in the Eastport Plaza recently remodeled some of their theaters, replacing regular seats with plush electric armchairs that recline. Bring a blanket if you want to be extra cozy!

Is Foster-Powell the Right Neighborhood for You?

foster powell neighborhood homes

I hope this list has given you a good idea of all that SE Portland neighborhood has to offer! If you’d like to learn more about living in Foster-Powell, take some time to explore, look at the homes we have on the market in the area, or just give us a call at (503) 200-8730.

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