Ozzy’s Top 5 Dog Parks in East Portland

It is no secret that Columbia Redevelopment is a very dog-friendly business. Heck, our office manager just so happens to be a 5 year-old Vizsla named Ozzy!

Ozzy and I have spent countless afternoons at various East Portland dog parks. We will usually visit whichever park is closest to the project we are visiting at the end of the day.  We have been asked numerous times to name our favorite park, which is a very difficult thing to do. Instead, here are our top 5 favorite dog parks on the east side of Portland. We had to break it down by geographic location, otherwise the list would’ve been huge! Each park has its pros and cons, especially during the rainy winter months. Always remember to bring a leash, water, and a poo bag when you visit a dog park. Most places do not offer these things.


Yay for dog park friends! Photo courtesy: Mahana’s B&B+Photography


Our top 5 dog parks on the east-side of Portland:


The Wilshire Dog Park is our favorite park to visit during the winter months. The giant trees form a canopy that protects you and your pooch from the torrential rainfall that haunts us every November – February. Bonus: since the ground stays pretty dry, so do Fido’s feet.


There are plenty of sticks to chew on at the Wilshire Dog Park!

There are plenty of sticks to chew on at the Wilshire Dog Park!



We enjoy going to Laurelhurst during the weekdays around 4:00. We can always count on an energetic mix of pups that are ready to romp during this time. However, this park can be a huge, sloppy mess after it has been raining. If the ground is really muddy I will usually throw on my running shoes, put Ozzy on his leash, and run several laps around the park on the jogging path instead.


Ozzy enjoying an afternoon stroll through Laurelhurst. Photo courtesy: Mahana’s B&B+Photography


Grant Park

We are partial to Grant Park because it is the closest one to our house and office; in fact we go here several times a week. Ozzy enjoys playing with the friendly group of dogs that frequent this park. The majority of the dogs that romp around at this park live in the surrounding neighborhood.  The adjoining playground and ball courts make this park a fun place for everyone. Keep in mind the dog area is not large, and it is not fenced, and the parks service regularly patrols the area to make sure that dogs are only in the designated areas.


Ozzy looking regal underneath a tree at Grant Park.

Ozzy looking regal underneath a tree at Grant Park.



Fernhill is the place that I take Ozzy when he needs to run! There is a large field where he can run until his heart is content. The wide open space there makes it ideal for playing catch and Frisbee. This park can get very muddy in areas during the winter time, but the clean up is well worth it.

Ozzy loves to run at Fernhill Park. Photo courtesy: Mahana’s B&B+Photography


Mt. Tabor

I think Ozzy is partial to Mt. Tabor because of the Doggie Challenge that is hosted there every August. Ozzy is a Challenge veteran, having run three of the races in the past. Races aside, this dog park is partially fenced and is a decent option in the wintertime. I always make sure that I wear tennis shoes so that we can get in a little urban hiking around Mt. Tabor after he is done playing in the dog park.


Ozzy’s friends Mahana and Gracie enjoying running through the daisies. Photo courtesy: Mahana’s B&B+Photography


What are your favorite dog parks in Portland? Do you have a favorite dog park in East Portland that we didn’t list? We are always looking for new ones in different areas of town!



Special thanks to Mahana’s B&B + Photography for the pictures of Ozzy and his friends!