One of the most popular neighborhoods in one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, Vancouver’s Hudson’s Bay Neighborhood is the perfect community for a growing family. 

Learn all about Hudson’s Bay and what makes this community such a special place. Also, learn the historic roots of this quintessential Pacific Northwest neighborhood and how that history has shaped the neighborhood into what it is today.


The fabric of a historic community

The Hudson’s Bay neighborhood is centered around the iconic Vancouver National Historic Site. This brings a historical, quaint, and homey vibe to the neighborhood.

While there is a commercial element to the Hudson’s Bay neighborhood, much of this is light-commercial use such as small white collar offices and small businesses. This brings a quiet atmosphere that is absolutely perfect for raising a family. A great place to retreat to at the end of a long day working in downtown Portland or Vancouver.

One of the best elements of this neighborhood is its walkability and bikeability. The large historical park, mixed with the Officer’s Row mixed-use offices provide an excellent area for biking and running.


Housing in Vancouver’s Hudson’s Bay neighborhood 

Much of the housing in the Hudson’s Bay neighborhood is single-family homes. The neighborhood is made up of a large portion of homes built in the late 1800s and early 1900s, many of them considered historic.

The most popular house styles are bungalow variations, many of which were built during the house style’s boom in the 1930s. There are many other single-family home styles, as well as some multi-family units and smaller apartment complexes. A number of new developments have popped up in recent years, though our favorite homes in the area remain the classic and historic styles.

The prevalence of single-family homes and new community development has made the Hudson’s Bay neighborhood a favorite of young families and young professionals.


Commuting and proximity to Portland

There’s a reason Hudson’s Bay is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Vancouver. Door to door and with no traffic, downtown Portland and PDX airport are both a sub 20-minute drive away. It’s also about as south as you can get in Vancouver and directly next to both the I5 and the Lewis & Clark highway. This makes it one of the closest neighborhoods to Portland and keyed into the 2 main arteries of Vancouver transportation.  

If a drive down to Portland isn’t your thing, downtown Vancouver and its vibrant culture is a short drive (or bike ride) away. In fact, Hudson’s Bay threads the needle perfectly as one of the neighborhoods which sits right on the edge of downtown without being in it. This gives you all the benefits of urban living with the benefits of quiet suburb life as well. A win-win!


Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

{PD-US} – Lt. Herny Warre

No guide to the Hudson’s Bay neighborhood of Vancouver is complete without talking about its defining feature: The Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

Not only is the neighborhood named after the founding company of the fort, Hudson’s Bay Company, it in many ways sets the tone for this beautiful community.


Fort Vancouver’s history 

Fort Vancouver was the headquarters of the Hudson’s Bay Company’s west coast fur trading activity. Established in 1824, it managed Hudson Bay’s activity throughout the entire western United States — from the Rockies and California, to Alaska and even the Kingdom of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. 

The Oregon Territory was established in 1846, and the fort was abandoned by Hudson’s Bay company shortly thereafter in 1860. It was then overtaken by the US Army, which had barracks nearby. After a fire destroyed the fort in 1866, the US Army rebuilt and continued their use of the site through 1948, when the fort itself (though not the barracks) were handed over to the US Parks Department.


Fort Vancouver today

Today, Fort Vancouver is managed by the United States Parks Department and is open for use by the public. In it, you’ll find exact replicas of many of the buildings of the original fort. You’ll also find many green spaces, including the Fort Vancouver Garden, which historically was used to feed the fort and is still operated to this day. You can still walk through the garden and see what the community gardeners have been up to. 

You’ll also find the Pearson Air Museum which celebrates the aviation history of the area. It’s located right next to the Pearson Airfield, which is still used to this day!



The Hudson’s Bay neighborhood is loaded with good-ranking schools and provides opportunities for a great education no matter the age of your children.

Traditional public schools include:

  • Hough Elementary School 
  • Harney Elementary School
  • Discovery Middle School 
  • McLoughlin Middle School
  • Hudson’s Bay High School
  • Fort Vancouver High School

Charter & magnet Schools include:

  • Vancouver School of Arts & Academics 
  • Vancouver iTech Preparatory 


Restaurants & retail

While much of the neighborhood is residential, there are some good options for food nearby. Some of our favorites include:

  • Eatery at the Grant House – American cuisine in a historic home with views of Fort Vancouver! 
  • Christine’s – All-day breakfast and American eats
  • Lapellah — American and Southern-influenced comfort food
  • Blind Onion Pizza & Pub – Laid-back neighborhood pizzeria

There are lots of other delicious local restaurants and small businesses that serve the vibrant Hudson’s Bay community!

There’s also a Fred Meyer for your groceries and other household needs. Fred Meyer is located in a retail plaza, which offers many other restaurants, banks, and even a dental office.


Hudson’s Bay is a top Vancouver neighborhood 

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