Where’s the best place to live in Vancouver, WA? Consider the Central Park neighborhood!

With a population of just over 2,100, Central Park is located directly east off of I-5 and is a 5- minute commute to downtown Vancouver. Thanks to its highly active neighborhood association and easy accessibility, Central Park is fast becoming a sought-after place for buyers and sellers alike.

Learn more about the Central park neighborhood and why it’s so popular!

See a map of the Central Park neighborhood


1. Housing is limited, demand is great

One of the reasons Central Park is popular is that it’s hard to get into—this neighborhood has very little vacant land available for new developments. While many homes have been updated and renovated, the number of homes has largely remained unchanged for 50 years. 

The majority of “new” homes in this neighborhood were built in the 1940s and 50s, while other homes in this area date back to the 1800s. In fact, the original homes in this neighborhood were built to serve as additional housing for officers and soldiers who worked nearby at Fort Vancouver (more on this later). 


2. The ideal location for commuters

Central Park is located right off of I-5, making it a perfect location for those who commute into Portland every day for work. It’s also just a quick drive or 15 minute bus ride to downtown Vancouver.

This area has become an especially good place for families who want a quieter way of life while still being close to the city. In fact, the average age in this neighborhood is 40, showing just how popular this urban suburban mix neighborhood is among young families!


3. The perfect place for property owners

Approximately 76% of Central Park residents rent their home, making this a great neighborhood for property owners. Because this area is in high demand, it’s easy for property owners to find and keep renters. 

On the flip side, the number of renters in this neighborhood produces even fewer homes available for purchase, so those who choose to sell can do so with great success.


4. A neighborhood full of history

The history of the Central Park neighborhood dates back to the 1800s, back when Washington was still considered a territory, not even a state. In addition to many old homes, take a tour of the other historic landmarks in this area:


Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

In the 19th-century, Fort Vancouver was a major center of regional fur trading. At its height, Fort Vancouver watched over 34 outposts, 24 ports, 6 ships, and 600 employees! Although the fort deteriorated over time, in 1961 it was declared a U.S. National Monument to help preserve the location. Later in 1961, it was redesignated as Fort Vancouver National Historic Site and today it is open to the public.


The Old City Cemetery

One of the oldest cemeteries in the entire state! This is the burial site of many of Vancouver’s pioneer families, including Esther Short. Esther settled in Fort Vancouver in 1847 and played a big role in developing the city of Vancouver. 

Esther was quite resilient. Aside from helping develop the city of Vancouver, she raised ten children, and opened and ran a restaurant and hotel. She’s also known for slapping a French-Canadian Lieutenant, Francis Facette, across the face and knocking him to the ground!


Washington State School for the Blind

Located in the heart of the Central Park neighborhood is the beautiful Washington State School for the Blind. This school was originally established in 1886. Back then the school was meant for “the deaf, mute, blind, and feeble minded.” Over time, the school became a place dedicated only to the blind.

Of note, blind Jazz singer and pianist Diane Schuur attended the school as a young child. She would go on to perform at Carnegie Hall, The White House, and the Kennedy Center. And the American Foundation for the Blind awarded her the Helen Keller Achievement Award in 2000.


5. A trio of beautiful greenspaces

The Central Park area offers 3 beautiful parks for residents to enjoy:

    1. Marshall Park — Features a playground, picnic shelters, open lawn area, ball field, restrooms, and Nature Play area.
    2. Quarnberg Park — A 3.5 acre park with great walking paths, picnic areas, playground, and sports courts
    3. Water Works Park — This 25.5 acre park is the site of Vancvouer’s main water production facility and includes a skatepark and beautiful walking paths.


6. Highly active neighborhood association

The Central Park Neighborhood Association (CPNA) is a big part of this area. This association recently celebrated its 30th year anniversary and works hard to create a positive environment for residents.

CPNA holds regular neighborhood cleanups to keep the area looking great. The association also hosts family-friendly events for residents to partake in and enjoy, including participating in the National Night Out every August.

Thanks to the activities of the CPNA, they offer residents the ability to get involved, voice concerns, and make a difference in their neighborhood.


7. Home of Clark College

Clark College is the largest institution of higher education in southwest Washington. This public community college was founded in 1933 and features a 101-acre campus, including the iconic carillon Chime Tower.

The Clark College mascot is a penguin named Oswald. Residents of the area will recognize the cute mascot at many college and community events. The college also promotes a Healthy Penguin Nation wellness program and Sustainable Penguin Nation initiatives.


8. Neighborhood emphasis on Veterans affairs

On the northwest corner of this neighborhood lies the Veterans of Foreign Wars building, which is surrounded by a variety of veterans services centers. From the Vancouver branch of the Portland VA Medical Center, to the VA Health Care System, this area of the community is dedicated to making sure veterans are well cared for.


Central Park is a great place to live in Vancouver, WA!

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